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01 Payment & Cancellation Issues 02816198035

For Online Payment & Cancellation Issues: 02816198035

How It Works!

  • Are you a member yet? If not, click here and register yourself to be one of us.
  • On being a member with us, you are entitled to earn ‘points’ on every bus booking you make.
  • This is how the point system works- Every 100 Rupees spent will earn you 3 points. It means by booking a bus ticket worth Rs. 1000, you earn 30 points.
  • f you have 400 points that is worth Rs.400 discount and you are booking a ticket worth Rs.300, you get a free ticket that is worth Rs. 300 and your remaining points will be saved in your account for your later bookings.
  • Please note when you redeem your points on a booking, you won’t earn new points. New points will be calculated only on bookings where you don’t redeem the collected points.

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